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Three Steps to Building a Pretty Garden in a Minimalist Home

Complete housing with a garden is the dream of many people, including you, right? However, some house styles cannot be compatible with just any garden design, for instance, a minimalist house. You do not want your garden to look like a detached part of your home.

Then, how to build a minimalist garden in front of the house to make it look beautiful and beautiful? What do you need to pay attention to? What are the tricks that need to be applied? Below are the answers to those questions.

Accurately Measure the Available Area

a magnificent houseThe first step that needs to be done is to calculate and measure the area of the minimalist garden area in front of the house. Calculation of the area of the park is important because it will affect the determination of the concept and theme of the minimalist garden in front of the house. Not only that, by knowing the area of land, it will be easier to determine the type and number of right plants.

If the area of a minimalist garden front area of the house has enough space, you can place several types of ornamental plants equipped with a pool. But if space is minimal, you can apply the concept of a vertical garden by utilizing the wall in the front yard of the house. Because it is not right if a small amount of land is planted with flowers and ornamental plants.

Drawing Inspiration from the Internet and Consultation with a Professional

After calculating the area of a minimalist garden area in front of the house, you can create a design and concept of the garden. If the park’s land area has enough space to occupy other than plants, you can add a pool with a shower, or a garden chair to create a full impression. You can also make paths with stones to beautify the garden.

If you want to get better inspiration, browse around on the Internet or consult a local gardener/landscaper. If you live around Farnham, Surrey, then Surrey landscaping is the most recommended service there.

Determination of the concept of the park is also influential in choosing the type of media placement of plants, including planting directly into the soil or through pot planting media. If you want to create a large impression on a garden with landscape contours, you should plant directly into the ground. But, if you’re going to apply the concept of a vertical garden on limited land, choose to plant with planting media.

Pick the Right Plants

lush yardThe choice of plant type needs to be adjusted to the broad and minimalist garden concept in front of the house and the climate in your residential area. You need to pay attention to the plants’ needs for sunlight. There are types of plants that are strongly exposed to direct sunlight exposure, and some are not.

Generally, the type of plant with logs is relatively stable and requires more sunlight for photosynthesis. While the types of plants whose stems are not wood, usually only need a little sunshine. We recommend that you choose plants of small size but can create a vague impression, such as shrubs or palm trees.

If you want to choose a rather large plant, place it as a center, for example, the type of anthurium plants with broadleaf groups. Then you can beautify with some smaller plants as a complementary, such as the type of Adenium plant.

Then, don’t forget to cover the open space in the minimalist garden in front of the house with grass. You can choose the type of Japanese grass or golf grass because it is excellent quality, so it is easier to trim compared to other types of grass.