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Choosing The Best Installer for Your Double Glazing Windows

Companies dealing with double glazing windows have been using high pressure selling methods, hence ruining the reputation of the double–glazing industry. These techniques include window offers and door-knocking techniques. It is, therefore, difficult to gauge which companies are selling genuine products. Homeowners can get the best deal by hiring reputable installers like Complete Glazing Birmingham.

Cost of Double Glazed Windows


You should always get an approximate figure when buying these products. This figure is compared against that of the manufacturer. The average cost for buying and installing a uPVC window is 700 sterling pounds while that of wooden cash window is 1400 sterling pounds. A simple double-glazed uPVC window cost about 400 sterling pounds.

Make Sure That Your Windows are Installed Professionally

Most of the DIY enthusiasts prefer installing their windows on their own to save money. However, fitting double-glazed units is not easy. You should always look for professional to do this. This will make sure that everything is done correctly and they will be liable for anything that goes wrong. The installer hired should either be CERTASS or FENSA certified. Certified contractors are known for carrying out standard installations since they have the right skills of workmanship. Any installer who does not fall under these bodies should be avoided. Again, you should also avoid those professionals who overcharge people for installing new windows.

You can save money working with small local window installers who are known for doing a quality job. Getting recommendations from your friends is also advisable. In addition to this, you should make an effort of visiting some of the properties that have been installed by potential installers. Check if their work complies with building regulations set by the local authorities. Ideally, a good installation should meet all the critical requirements like good thermal performance, ventilation, and safety.

Checking Out Their Reviews

customers' reviews

Apart from checking the previous work and recommendations, it is essential to check out the reviews of different contractors online. This is the best way of finding out whether they offer excellent services or not. However, you should avoid relying on these reviews since you might come across some them that are not verified.


Visiting Social Media Pages

Most of the modern window installers make use of social media like Twitter and Facebook as a means of promoting themselves. You can get a competent, reliable installer by visiting these pages.




If you do not have the best view in your home or apartment, you will probably resort to the wonderful artistry of curtains. Curtains, however, has a problem of its own. As materials made out of cloth, they too need some laundry attention. They can be a pain to bring to the laundry. Sheer curtains may also not be the best option to block that sunlight when all you need is complete darkness during those times you would want to make up for your sleep.


One option a stylish yet functional homeowner or entrepreneur who just wants to add that personality to their rooms is to install blinds. Blinds are a very practical choice. They come in different variety depending on the room’s needs. You can easily block out views, sunlight, or next-door neighbors with the genius of mechanical instruments like a rod or string. It is always perfect in every window and never having to worry about replacing or cleaning them once installed.

How Much Light is too Bright?

There are a variety of blinds available in the market. Roller type blinds are the most popular style of the window blind. You can choose between a classic block-colored fabric or a contemporary patterned design that will satisfy your creativity that will radiate all throughout the room. There are a lot of styles to choose from, may it be plain, patterned, or black out blinds for the indoor type of person. Venetian blinds come in a different range of colors and wood grain effects in three different slant sizes, in accordance with your preference of control over light, privacy, and look. You can choose from Real Wood, Faux Wood, and Aluminum Venetians. If there are children living in the proximity,

Perfect Fit/ Intu blinds are the most advisable

This particular “child safe” design is hanging cords and chains free. It only takes minutes to install one perfectly on your windows without the need for screw or holes. They are secured in each window that allows it to tilt and turn without any problems. Vertical blinds pride itself as the most practical design in the industry. They are offered in different vertical samples, fabrics, PVC coated or none PVC coated ranges that gives you full control on how much light and privacy you need. A hybrid of the Roller and Venetian blind variant, the night and day blinds are simple to use. They work just as simple as Roller blinds but associates both translucent and opaque horizontal stripes. For the night effect, just close your blinds for the “opaque-opaque” position and turn “translucent-opaque” into an instant day effect.

Friendly Help is Always Available

windowLooking sophisticated at home or in your office is both easy and convenient. After deciding that blinds are the right option for you, getting a quotation for your windows are free. Bills Blinds Glasgow has a team who are not only qualified professionals but also friendly. They can help you regarding any inquiries that you might have such as, the best designs and the technical side of owning one. Knowledgeable and approachable, they can make the experience easier for you as they are always available to help. You can also request an appointment for a free visit to help you decide when you need some expert advice. For that perfect window dressing, you need an extensive range of high-quality options that is also affordable. May it be professional, or home needs, traditional or modern, choose the best one that displays your individuality to your guests.