Signs You Need to Have Your Roof Changed

A good home needs to have a stable roof to keep its inhabitants safe and sound all year round. Your home should keep you warm and dry on cold and breezy weather; comfortable and cozy on the hot and steamy weather. If you have been living in the same house for most of your life, there is a big possibility that you have experienced signs and symptoms of a failing roof.

Here are indications that you must notice to deal with potential issues before they cause any significant trouble:

#1 Age

Your roof only has to live for a certain amount of time, after it’s lifetime, It will show signs that it is already giving up. Most roofing may live for around 20-25 years depending on the manufacturer and the extent of beatings it had received.

#2 Sunlight peeking through the atticRoof

This is one of the latter signs of damage a roof could show. Seeing the bright sunlight on your attic means that holes have developed over your roof. If you live in places that have extremes of weather, having a roofing service professional to check your roof regularly would help.

#3 Increase in use of heating or cooling system

Your bills may have gone higher due to the extra time of use of your temperature regulating system. Ineffective insulation of your roof may cause additional usage of heaters and air conditioning units.

#4 Shingles are curling

This sign of weathering is caused by aging and continuous changes in the climate and temperature. This may cause leakage and potential water damage to your home

#5 Cracks and missing granules from your shingles

Cracks may be caused by the drying out of your shingles, too much heat may cause the shingles to dehydrate and crack. If you start seeing powdery granules on your gutter, there is a great possibility that the shingles are beginning to pulverize.

#6 Plant or moss growthMoss

While not a direct cause of damage to your roof, plants and mosses may cause an increase in moisture that may further cause damage to your roof. There are a lot of solutions that you buy or mix by yourself to get rid of this.

#7 Sagging roof

When your roof sags, it indicates that there is too much weight or it is too weak to accommodate its own weight. The sagging may cause a lot of damage, not just to the structure of the house but also on your pieces of furniture and home items.